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Oranjeboom Premium Lager dates back to 1671, and is a distinguished product in the Dutch market for many centuries.

This beer is yellow gold in color with strong malt and wildflower hop aroma, a tart hop flavor full of complexity and character, finishing with a dry hop aftertaste with good duration.

It's manufacturer, Browerij de Oranjeboom is a major player in Netherland's beer market. Oranjeboom and GVI have teamed up to provide great tasting and best value beer from Holland. Oranjeboom also provides Peter's brand, a private label for the exclusive distribution of Global Village Imports.

Oranjeboom provides the best price alternative to cost-conscious but nonetheless discerning beer connoisseurs, especially of imports from Holland.

Oranjeboom means Orange Tree? The Oranjeboom insignia comes from a royal family crest, which was assigned to the brewery in 1671.

Looking for an import alternative to watered-down domestic beer, but without the expensive tag? Check out Oranjeboom in gourmet shops and beer specialty stores.

Oranjeboom Premium Lager, brewed by Brouwerij de Oranjeboom, forms a white foamy head when poured, with strong hop aroma and dry finish. A thirst quencher,
it is a great example of good European pilsner.

Trader Joe's retails Oranjeboom by the six-pack from its licensed stores everywhere.

Oranjeboom is distributed by Global Village Imports in the United States through its network of wholesalers and distributors.